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Dietary walnuts preserve aspects of health span and alter the hippocampal lipidome in aged high-fat diet-fed mice.

Effect of walnut consumption on neuropsychological development in healthy adolescents: a multi-school randomised controlled trial. 

Red blood cell omega-3 fatty acids and attention scores in healthy adolescents. 

Effect of a Mediterranean diet or mindfulness-based stress reduction during pregnancy on child neurodevelopment: a prespecified analysis of the IMPACT BCN Randomized Clinical Trial. 

Mixed nuts as healthy snacks: effect on tryptophan metabolism and cardiovascular risk factors.

Walnut oil reduces Aβ levels and increases neurite length in a cellular model of early Alzheimer disease. 

The effects of walnuts and academic stress on mental health, general well-being and the gut microbiota in a sample of university students: a randomised clinical trial.