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Tree nut consumption is associated with a lower risk of hyperestrogenism in men.

Sperm DNA methylation changes after short-term nut supplementation in healthy men consuming a Western-style diet.

The effect of almond consumption on postprandial metabolic and satiety response in high-risk pregnant women.

Acute effect of pistachio intake on postprandial glycemic and gut hormone responses in women with gestational diabetes or gestational impaired glucose tolerance: A randomized, controlled, crossover study.

Mediterranean-style diet in pregnant women with metabolic risk factors (ESTEEM): A pragmatic multicentre randomised trial.

A Mediterranean diet with an enhanced consumption of extra virgin olive oil and pistachios improves pregnancy outcomes in women without gestational diabetes mellitus: A sub-analysis of the St. Carlos Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Prevention Study.

Effect of nut consumption on semen quality and functionality in healthy men consuming a Western-style diet: a randomized controlled trial.