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Capillary liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry for the rapid identification and quantification of almond flavonoids

Hughey, C.A., B. Wilcox, C.S. Mindardi, C.W. Takehara, M. Sundararaman, L.M. Were. 2008. Capillary liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for the rapid identification and quantification of almond flavonoids. J.Chromatogr. A. 1192(2):259.

A rapid negative ion ESI high-performance capillary liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry method was developed to identify and quantify flavonoids (e.g., flavanols, flavonols, flavanones and glycosides). Fifteen standards and two varieties of almond skin extract powder (Carmel and Nonpareil) were used to demonstrate the chromatographic separation, reproducibility and accuracy of the method that employed a 150mm×0.3mm ChromXP 3C18-EP-120 column. All standards eluted in less than 10 min, providing a 9–12× reduction in analysis time compared to existing methods (90–120 min). However, isomers (e.g., catechin/epicatechin and galactosides/glucosides) were not resolved and, therefore, identified and quantified collectively. RSDs for retention time and peak area reproducibility (mass spectrometry data) were <0.5% and <5.0%, respectively. Peak area reproducibility was greatly improved (from a RSD > 10%) after the implementation of a low-flow metal needle in the ESI source. Quantitation by mass spectrometry also afforded a % error less than 5% for most compounds.