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Food, nutrition and the prevention of cancer: a global perspective.

American Institute for Cancer Research, 1997. World Cancer Research Fund. Food, nutrition and the prevention of cancer: a global perspective.  Nuts and Seeds. 450-1.

Since the early ‘80s, a number of expert reports have reviewed the literature on diet and cancer and made recommendations designed to reduce the risk of cancer. The report, of which this is a summary, builds on that earlier work. The experts recommend that populations consume nutritionally adequate and varied diets, based primarily on foods of plant origin.  They specifically recommend that the public choose predominantly plant-based diets rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits, legumes and minimally processed starchy staple foods.  The report notes, “While there are as yet no useful epidemiological data on nuts and seeds, it is biologically plausible that diets high in specific nuts and seeds or these foods as a whole, protect against cancers.”

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