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Go Nuts at the Grill!

Are you a lover of the great outdoors, grilling, eating or cooking under the stars? If you want to add a touch of something new and special, think tree nuts! These “nutritional powerhouses in a shell” add a marvelous crunch and a boost of health benefits to any grilled dish.

Are you a simple grilled slab of meat lover?

Try adding nut pesto – and don’t just think basil and pine nuts. Basil is also wonderful with walnuts, or try pistachios and mint, cashews and macadamias with cilantro, hazelnuts and parsley, pecans and arugula…or your own designer pesto.

For more of a “fine dining meets grill” approach, slice a secret pocket into the center of the steak and fill it with a soft cheese mixed with lemon zest, herbs and chopped roasted nuts before cooking. Great with beef, lamb, pork and fish, such as tuna and swordfish. Avoid using chicken or turkey with a secret pocket, just to be safe.

Are you a burger buff?

Chopped nuts mixed into a burger add a nice crunch and toasty flavor. You can also spread buns with a ground nut butter. Place roasted or raw nuts in a food processor (or coffee grinder) and pulse on and off to grind, then slowly drizzle in nut or olive oil to bring to desired consistency. Great with a touch of lemon juice, honey or soy, and herbs too!

Smash up some ripe fig or stone fruit and mix finely chopped nuts into the paste with a drop of wine or vinegar as a lovely burger topping. You could also put this into a small pan to simmer on the grill to make a fresh chutney –  just add a touch more liquid.

Is fish your fancy?

Whole fish, wrapped in parchment or grape leaves and then in foil, is divine on the barbecue. First, brush the paper or leaves with oil and sprinkle with a layer of sliced or chopped nuts before placing the fish down and wrapping it. This makes a lovely crust. You can grill fish fillets and chicken breasts this way too!

Turkey Time?

If you’re grilling the whole turkey or breasts, you can make deep slashes in the meat and fill with one of the pestos or just nuts and herbs – even tucked under the skin works like a charm.

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