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Ground Nuts 101

I’d be lost without my stock of ground nuts- they add a wonderful flavor, texture and a nutritional boost to any meal or snack!  If you can’t find your favorite ground nut, just place whole nuts in a food processor or blender and pulse until as fine or coarse as you like.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Ground hazelnuts make a great sauce for asparagus or other veggies.  Simply heat in a dry non-stick pan until aromatic, add a splash of wine, stock, oil and lemon, and heat until thick.

Walnuts make classic Italian pasta crumble. Roast with torn bread and process with basil and a touch of milk or oil, toss in hot pasta with some whole nuts too!

Pastry or shortbread can be made from macadamias—simply process equal amounts nuts and flour (sugar for sweet pies), add a slow drizzle of skim milk till a dough forms then shape as desired.

Soup can be thick, creamy and healthy by adding ground almonds when you brown the veggies.  Just add stock, cook till desired, then puree—you have a whole meal!

Pistachios make pesto greener, healthier and more delicious. Simply spoon over risotto, fish, chicken or pasta!

Lastly, try rolling your next turkey burger in ground pecans, and add a few diced ones in the mix.  Talk about a gourmet burger!

Bon-appetite! From the “Nutty Chef”

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