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U.S. consumption patterns of tree nuts.

Lin, B.H., E. Frazao, J. Allhouse, 2001.  U.S. consumption patterns of tree nuts. Food Review 24(2):54-8.

Americans are more than a little nutty when it comes to their diets. Recent USDA food consumption data show that about 1 in every 10 consumers eats tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, cashews, and others) on any given day, and the amount eaten is fairly small. On average, slightly more than 1 gram of tree nuts are eaten per person per day. Tree nut consumption is higher among wealthier consumers and Whites in the United States. More adults age 40 and above eat tree nuts than younger consumers. A smaller proportion of consumers living in the South and in rural areas consume tree nuts than other consumers.