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International Nut Day

Celebrated on October 22, International Nut Day was initially created in 2015 to support small nut farmers around the world, educate consumers about the many benefits of nuts, and encourage healthier snacking! It’s a day to celebrate the history and diversity of nuts, which have been a staple in the diet for over 780,000 years.

Here are just a few reasons to go nuts every day:

Flavor – Nut flavors run the gamut, from the slightly sweet cashews and pistachios, to the rich velvety macadamias and pine nuts, and earthy almonds and pecans. And then there’s roasted nuts, which bring a whole new dimension to the experience. Nuts add a certain flair to any meal and are fun to experiment with in the kitchen.

Texture – Think sliced toasted almonds scattered over green buttery beans, a walnut basil pesto tossed through pasta, roasted hazelnuts over your next arugula salad, or that unique burst of flavor from a Brazil nut in fruit cake. Nuts add a delicious crunch to any meal and make a great thickener to casseroles and soups when pureed.

Health – Nutrition in a nut shell, tree nuts contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and so much more. And each nut has its own special attributes so it’s great to get a mixture of them all! Go to our website to learn more about the nutritional benefits of each tree nut.

Satiety – Nuts have been used for centuries to provide sustenance and satiety to civilizations. Often being stored through the colder months when other crops are unavailable, nuts were one of the only sources of food that could be stored for longer periods and provide a long lasting energy. If you’re on a long hike, road trip or even just working long hours, there’s nothing better than a handful of nuts to keep you going.

So, this International Nut Day, embrace the joy of nuts with friends and families!

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