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Go Nuts for Better Breakfast Month

It’s Better Breakfast Month and there’s no better time to celebrate nuts than at breakfast! They provide sustaining energy to carry you over to lunch, and they’re a powerhouse of nutrients. Tree nuts are also intrinsic to so many breakfast dishes such as granola, fruit parfaits, muffins and pancakes, just to name a few.

Life is so much more interesting when we get playful and change things up a bit. Here are some ideas to help you add a little personality to your breakfast plate:

Avocado Toast

This iconic dish has become a staple on so many café menus, sometimes served all day long. Here’s our creation, be sure add your favorite nut for crunch and depth. 

Grain Bowl

There are few breakfasts more nutritious and filling than one with healthy grains, fruit and nuts. Choose fruit in season and change up your grains and nuts to bring more variety. Think strawberries and hazelnuts, mango and macadamias, peaches and almonds, raspberries and walnuts, nectarines and pecans, kiwis and pistachios – what’s your favorite pairing? For inspiration see our Breakfast Grain Bowl using mixed tree nuts.

Blueberry Breakfast Bread

Blueberry Breads are a delightful start to any day. Simply make them the night before and then pop in the oven for kids to eat on the run.


In many countries a smoothie isn’t complete without nuts – they add a creamy thickness and a lovely depth of flavor, and help make smoothies more satiating. Look for fruit and vegetables in season, add some water to make it more hydrating, and some nuts of your choice. Try our delicious Strawberry Date and Walnut Smoothie.

Nut Butter Toast

Nut butters, with honey, bananas, jelly or even eggs and bacon, add a unique flavor to your breakfast toast and they are easy to make!

It’s a Wrap

Breakfast Burritos and Wraps aren’t what you’d commonly associate with nuts, but why not add a sprinkling! Pine nuts or crumbled pecans can be added to your burrito mix, or try grated veggies with sliced mixed nuts to start your day off right!

Tomato, Cheese and Nut Omelet

If eggs are your favorite morning dish, whether an omelet or scrambled, trying adding a crunch of nuts. Mushroom omelets are lovely with hazelnuts or walnuts; tomato omelets with basil and pine nuts are delicious as are scrambled eggs dusted with toasted sliced almonds and a drizzle of olive oil.

So, cheers to our most important meal of the day! Make yours better with a good dose of tree nuts!

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