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Stay Energized with Nuts

Welcome 2023!  We’ve been through a whirlwind few years and look forward to a new year full of vitality, health and new hopes.  And after the holiday season, we’re looking forward to getting out and getting active, in nature, the gym or just in the neighborhood. 

Professional and amateur sports enthusiasts alike value the contribution of nuts to their daily eating regime. Not only do tree nuts contain important vitamins and minerals, they’re also a great source of sustainable energy.

The simplest way to enjoy nuts on a hike, bike ride or other outdoor adventure, is to simply put a handful of mixed tree nuts in a bag with some dried fruit. But there’s so many more delicious ways to add nuts to your work out plan.

Nut butter – Start the day with your favorite nut butter on toast for breakfast. Or add it to a smoothie, to help keep hunger at bay longer. Nut butters are great on the road, spread on sandwiches, or put into small containers for dipping apples, celery, carrots and crackers. Nut butters are easy to make, and you can add your own flavors and make the texture as chunky and smooth as you like. Check our recipes here for some ideas to get your creative juices going!

Nut bars – In gas stations you see a whole variety of bars with nuts, but they’re usually laden with sugar, and much more expensive than making your own. Here are two ideas using pistachios and pecans.

Muffins – Muffins are a great mid-morning snack and kids love them. You can freeze them to pull out and take on the run – they’ll thaw out in a half-hour or so. Here’s some inspiration from our recipe collection.

Cheese and nuts – A delicious picnic idea for hikers or kayakers, is to pack a nut and cheese box, with some honey or fruit jam, crackers, and fruit such as sliced apple. It’s a lovely way to stop and enjoy the outdoors while you snack slowly and get energized for the rest of the day.  Check out the blog we wrote on great nut and cheese pairings.

Salads to go – A good one for all-day activities – whether it’s a simple green salad, pasta, rice or quinoa, adding some sliced, diced or whole nuts will give you a boost of protein, healthy fats and sustaining energy.

May 2023 be a wonderful year, full of health and happiness!

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